imageA group of missionaries are in Belize to conduct workshops on how to deal with grief. The group is from 26:12 Ministry. 26:12 was established under Foundation Management Services which provides outstanding resources and comprehensive training to hospice and home care agencies. Through the group, members have beenable to serve many within their communities and others in other countries around the world. Beckie Hinze is the Executive Director and says that 26:12 ministry has been supporting the Belize Hospice and Palliative Foundation for six years now. Their current visit is focused on assisting curch leaders with a one day workshop to help spiritual leaders to equip people in churches to deal with grief. That workshop was held yesterday in Orange Walk Town.

Becky Hinze - Executive Director, 2612 ministry

“They are pastors and light leaders, Sunday school teachers, lots of different kinds of people that just want the tools to know on how to just help people who are going through any kind of loss, dying on children right now and what we are doing is helping people how to talk to children about when someone in their family has died or if there has been a divorce or some kind or loss in their lives.”

The group is taking the workshop at different areas in the country. They were first in Dangriga, then Orange Walk and today they conducted the workshop in Belmopan. Hinze says that the subject is a delicate one that even adults have issues with but hope that with the skills shared in the workshop many can benefit from the support of those taking part.


Becky Hinze - Executive Director, 2612 ministry

“We know that adults is just as hard to talk about the loss and so we are talking about how to help children identify their feelings, how they help us as adults or something more than I am sad, how to keep us from stuffing those feeling down deep what you do inappropriately, symptom you will see a child very, very sad but they don’t know how to say they are sad so they act out inappropriate ways, they push their friend down or they get in trouble in school and so we help that we can help them get some tools on how to deal with that when they are so sad and when there has been a big loss.”

Hinze says the response has been good at their previous workshops.

Becky Hinez - Executive Director, 2612 ministry

“The feedback was that they were very appreciative of what we had to say we were trying to be very honest and we are here to be learners too, we don’t just feel that we are just sweeping in all the information because this is a mysterious subject and so how we do we just come with our own experiences  and just now we had some crave in our action on how some certain people here in Orange Walk have them dealt with serious issues in their own churches so they have been very open and accepting and because we have been her for several years we have some good friends in Belize now.”

The group held the last workshop today at Belmopan. In their website, it states that since 2006, 26:12 has facilitated thirty-six short-term mission trips. Nineteen of these trips were domestic and another seventeen were held in countries round the globe. So far, the group has reached out to people in eight different countries.

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