Following the revelation by the Cervantes family, a senior minister, whose name was mentioned in the recording, issued a release that same afternoon condemning the information and threatening the media with a lawsuit if the information was further publicized. Last night, he released a statement refuting all allegations and claimed that the move is merely a political ploy. Cervantes responded to the statement.

monchie_3Ramon "Monchie" Cervantes - Son of Deceased

It’s definitely not political, what seems to be political are the events that have been unfolding over time and the facts that have been coming to light. They seem to be pointing in the direction that my fathers’ murder was political. As for him saying that the revelation of the tape is political, Manuel Castillo called and from the start of the investigation I have told all the media that as events unfold we will be keeping the public informed about those events, and this is one such occasion.”


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