policeThere are two cases of burglary to report on from the Corozal District and one of them resulted in the loss of $28,000 in items. About 6:00pm on Friday November 7th, 30 year old Roberto Lopez, Belizean teacher and care taker of Corozal Bay Inn situated in South End, Corozal Town arrived at the establishment to conduct his daily checks. That is when he noticed that the restaurant area of the inn had been burglarized and a number of items were missing. These include three 42 inch flat screen T.V’s valued at $7000.00, two 32 inch T.V’s valued at $1200.00, two industrial pool pumps valued at $20,000.00 and one small refrigerator valued at $500.00. The value of the items stolen amounted to a whopping $28,700.00.

And while that report is still under investigation and an arrest is yet to be made Corozal Police are also looking into a report made by 59 year old Belizean Security Theodoro Rivero from Consejo Road in Corozal.

Reports suggest that in the wee hours of November 6th, the office of Thunder Bolt Water Taxi situated at 2nd Street South Corozal Town, was burglarized and stolen therefrom were stationeries and three gallons of  mechanical oil  valued at $310.00. An arrest is yet to be made in this case also.

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