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  • Austin Sutherland Remanded For Burglary And Harm

    Thursday, 20 June 2019 02:39
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    Thursday, 20 June 2019 02:43
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    Thursday, 20 June 2019 02:50

Today PUP Orange Walk East Area Representative Marco “Tulio” Mendez confirmed what has been rumored for quite some time; he is stepping down as Standard Bearer for that constituency for the upcoming general elections. The doctor made the announcement at midday today in a press conference with the media, citing health problems.


Screen_Shot_2014-11-11_at_8.54.39_PMDr. Marco “Tulio” Mendez – OW East Area Representative

“After so much time looking into it I made up my mind that yes I will be stepping down as the Standard Bearer for the Orange Walk East constituency because of the recommendations that have been given to me and of course being a doctor considering the risk factors that are involve with this with the activity that I have been doing I have definitely made up my mind and of course it has not been an easy decision, I have been to Guatemala and also doctors here and I went to Merida but I must consider that it is the most prudent and it is the best decision that I am doing. What the doctors recommended me is that he wants me to slow down on my activities because of the location where the dis-carnation is and the prognosis supposed to improve but if I persist in this high activity there are consequences that would come along and that is the reason of course I would say a personal decision that I have made and definitely anyone would want to have a better lets  say as life transpires increasing the risk of what will come afterwards.”


In the new turn of events, names for who will possibly replace Dr. Mendez have already started to float including that of Josue Carballo and former area representative Dave Burgos. Dr. Mendez confirmed this but says others have also expressed interest in entering their candidacy.


Dr. Marco “Tulio” Mendez – OW East Area Representative

“I am deeply honored I would say to have been supported by the Orange Walk East constituency, I have been honored to have been serving them on this era and for the best interest of my people and of the activities that will be coming, the campaigning and of course being out there constantly I think it is another person that supposed to be having that role be done to them but I’ll be serving them in the office and looking for the best of their interest. This is a team this is not only us so this is part of a team being out there and providing them that service which the elected Area Representative of the People’s United Party that is the best way to serve the people.”


The team that has stood beside Dr. Mendez all these years will be supporting the next person who is either endorsed by the party or the residents in Orange Walk East.


Armando Valdez – Sr. Advisor to Executive Committee and Dr. Mendez

“At the moment we are hearing about Josue Carballo, am beginning to hear about Dave Burgos maybe there are more we don’t know but all of that has to come through the executive committee and we would recommend it. Whoever the convention elects this we will go with full steam.”


Dr. Mendez says he will continue to serve Orange Walk East as Area Representative from his office and will also continue in his practice as a doctor.

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