Screen_Shot_2014-11-12_at_7.57.37_PMThis week is being celebrated as the second annual Champion’s Week at the Muffles High School. For the faculty and student population it means a heap of activities and events that encourages moral values, life skills and positive attitudes in and out of school. Today, the students were engaged in motivational talks, our newsteam were on hand to speak to the organizers.

Yvette Hernandez – School Counselor

“Champions week ad it is to motivate our students and to be the best they can be, you know usually you hear that adults are reminding student or what they do that is not acceptable, things that they do wrongly but then on the other hand who is motivating them to be better persons.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“But then what are the activities that they are engaged in?”

Yvette Hernandez – School Counselor

“Ok on Monday we started with an assembly we had guest speakers and on Tuesday we had a poem and a song competition and yesterday we had posters competition and today we are having religious day and we are having guest speakers also talking them and on Friday we will close off with a champions run around the town and we are going to continue with a sports day all day.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Is there a disruption yin your classes?”

Yvette Hernandez – School Counselor

“You know there is a disruption but it is worth the while we need to motivate them.”

Leslie Mendez – Lawyer/Guest Speaker

“Well, I think just perseverance and just having a goal and a purpose and having the courage to really pursue it because it really does take a lot of courage to pursue it and I think that to be a champion you always have to keep in mind that at the end of the day contribute to your society, contribute to the betterment of your community in that limb I am not sure that I am yet a champion but I would like to be there and that would be my general message.”

Champions Week, formerly known as Red Ribbon Week will end with a parade and sports day on Friday.

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