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    Thursday, 20 June 2019 02:39
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Screen_Shot_2014-11-12_at_7.57.18_PMYesterday, over 300 cañeros in the Corozal District  gathered at the Andres Campos Civic Center for a presentation by ASR Group with the objective to highlight the agreements brought to them for the purchase of sugar cane. As you can imagine after the presentation by members of ASR/BSI, cane farmers were given the opportunity to express their sentiment in respect to the agreement presented to them.  Here is how that went.

Cane Farmer- Corozal Branch

“Señores nosotros tenemos que ver que es que vamos a firmar si es que queremos firmar, señores pongan mucha atención y lean bien porque estos señores hablan bonita aquí pero cuando están en la meza de negociaciones son otras personas si con nosotros que somos 18 directores contrabajo nos hacen caso que tal será con 300 grupos dijo el como iba ser con un grupo iba hablar para que todos queden de acuerdo, señores pongan ojo en estos papeles y consultemos que es lo bueno para nosotros.”

David Ackierman – Cane Farmer

“But I feel like that we should have a crop but I don’t feel that we should sign on to any of the I feel that we could have a crop with another interim agreement I think there is no hurry to be able to sign there is a lot of things to be aired out for the farmers to understand.”

In 2009 an Association with over 1200 members was formed and since then has been dormant. Today chairman of the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association Elvis Canul gave us his sentiments towards the presentation today.

Elvis Canul – Chairman C.S.C.P.A

“The agreement that ASR has brought to the table there is still fine tuning to be done we still have to sit down to the table and go point by point to definitely come to an agreement on to what we are signing we just can’t sign ad then just affect us in the future and also with the legl advised on to what we are signing.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Was there something in that agreement that attracts your attention that probably could be a motivation for you and your association to sign?”

Elvis Canul – Chairman C.S.C.P.A

“But definitely  we are seeing at a stand point that we have our farmers that want to have a an crop and to have one we have to sign an agreement so it is crucial for both partied ASR and the Association to sit down to analyze and to come to an agreement.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“As the chairman of this Association having 1200 member if yes you are to decide to sign this contract that put you in the position agreed the fifty one cents per ton of bagasse that ASR/BSI is proposing to pay, will there be a problem with this Association with this particular payment?”

Elvis Canul – Chairman C.S.C.P.A

“Well in terms of the bagasse we have to consult it first with our cane farmers we just cannot sign all the terms and agreement being sign we have to have the consensus of the member so that we can have figure BSI is willing to pay the cane farmers.”

Cane Farmers in the Corozal District were given up to November 28th, to decide whether they will sign the agreement for the next crop session to commence.

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