Screen_Shot_2014-11-12_at_7.57.46_PMReading is a complex cognitive process of interpreting symbols in order to construct or derive meaning in reading comprehension. In other words reading is very important to survive in this modern world and that is one of the primary reasons why the Belize National Library Service has organized a nationwide reading competition at the district level. Today 8 primary schools in Corozal Town, gathered under the Andres Campos Civic Center to see who will represent Corozal District in the grand finale in Belize City at the Belize National Library service Reading competition.

Jahmor Lopez – M.O.E

“This morning we had the competition or categories one and two and we are wrapping up with category three the upper division students, we have the participation of our two central zones the town schools, for our purpose we have central zone one and two we have the participation of Paraiso, Mary Hill, Corozal Nazarene, Church of Christ, Our lady of Guadalupe so we have eight schools participating and we extended an invitation to all those schools within the town zones but those eight field it students for three categories.”

Participants were judged by clarity, fluency, expression, among others. Lopez added that the objectives in carrying this event are to enhance students in the importance of reading.

Jahmor Lopez – M.O.E Manager

“We are judging the students based on fluency how coherent in terms of their reading, their diction, pronunciation, and clarity, how clear they are intonation appropriate use of their voice, projection, how well they are able to project, expression using their body language to portray feeling, and then their overall presentation and they can get a maximum of five points for each of the various categories.”

Jahmor Lopez – M.O.E. manager

“The idea here is continue to promote reading not only for leisure or for pleasure but for enhancing your own education, learning how to learn that is all about in education setting a foundation from an early stage to get our children to earn how to learn so by the time they get to middle, upper division they are able to read and making inferences for themselves and then proceed to become long life learners because even when you left he official what we would call the school system you still learn on your own in terms of doing your research so that is what we are trying to promote here and I must say that we had excellent presentation on the part of the students and we want to commend the teachers, the students and even parents.”

CTV3 News had the privilege to speak with one of the winners who was overwhelmed and shared her joy and a tip of advice to other students.

Victor Castillo - Reporter

“How do you feel being victorious at your category?”

Astrid Clavel – Student

“I fell happy, excited, and anxious, it was fun but I was really nervous but it has helped me because I learn how to read better and express myself better, going to the nationals I need to get more prepared and get more motivate by my friends. My advice is that never judge a book by its cover.”

Winners in today’s competition are Samantha Milian from Corozal Methodist School in Category one.

Mahek Khiantani from St. Francis Xavier RC School in Category two and for Category three Astrid Clavel from Our lady of Guadalupe. These three winners will be representing Corozal District at the National level on November 28th in Belize City.

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