Around 1:30pm today, police in Ladyville received information of human skeleton remains found on the side of a road, half mile near the popular Maruba Resort on the Old Northern Highway. So far, the post mortem has been classified as inconclusive but according to authorities they are seeking the help from families who have reported a loved one missing. We spoke to Public Relations Officer at the Belize City Police Department who told us more.

Screen_Shot_2014-11-14_at_8.09.06_PMDouglas Hyde– Public Relations Officer, Belize Police

“The remains were found 100 feet off the road where garbage is thrown and the body seems to be partially burnt, Dr. Estrabadan has done a post mortem on the human bones but results are inconclusive, the results have indicated that the bones have been there a little over just about a year.  What have happened so far is that the police based on the investigation have called the families of those recent persons who have been reported missing to come an identify the bones more or less the findings that have been there with the human bones and so far the recent missing persons have not been the persons identify with these remains that were there."

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“The pathologist; was he able to determine if there was any foul play or indication of foul play?”

Douglas Hyde– Public Relations Officer, Belize Police

“Based on his inconclusive report in terms of the results the police will investigate more on the findings because I understand that there was a machete found near the body likewise and then that will further the investigation but so far there is no indication whether or not the bones were identified as a case of murder in that case.”

Police investigation continues.

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