Screen_Shot_2014-11-14_at_8.07.38_PMYesterday we told you about the 3rd phase of the Cattle Sweep Project in Belize and its major strides to enhance the industry. While that is benefitting close to 3,000 cattle farmers around the country and boosting the country’s economic activity, there are still loop holes in the industry that officials are looking into eliminating. One such challenge is the illegal transporting of animals through porous boundaries in the North and Western points. Veterinary Coordinator of the Cattle Sweep Project, Homero Novelo, says while a CORRAL has been set at the Northern Border, smugglers are “going through the back” in an effort to elude taxes and levies. But this practice says Novelo, will soon end.

Homero Novelo – Veterinary Coordinator, BNSCPP

“What happens is that it is an informal trade that we have there but then they are getting away with this, what happens that Mexico have a tax entering the correct way to their country, by going through the back they are eluding this tax, so it is lucrative for them however, this eventually have to stop and animals will have to go through the right way northern border coral. All trucks have to pass through the Association even through the check points we have; which is the one we have at Sand Hill, the one that we have at Bullet Tree, and we are hoping to put one in Pueblo Viejo in Punta Gorda, now these check points also verify that every load of animal have a movement control permit now this way the Association is trying to find out how many animals are moving, where they are moving for traceability purpose and also to get the data that are getting exported.”

The Belize Cattle Trade according to farmers who attended yesterday’s sweep, is a 500 Million dollar industry.

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