Screen_Shot_2014-11-14_at_8.08.21_PMToday’s Health Fair though, was not only based on the prevention of diabetes. It surrounded basically everything that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle including massages, manicures, martial arts and even heavy weight lifting. The fair, as previously mentioned was organized by the Corozal Rotary Club and as Corozalenos learnt more about the booths we spoke to Bill Hund, President of the Corozal Rotary Club who told us more about the health fair.

Bill Hund – President of Rotary Club

“This is our first annual Rotary Health and Fitness fair it was conceive by one of our members, and we have asked the members of the whole community to come out and support our effort, we have some fitness activities over here; Karate and weight lifting, we have a number of health organizations here, we have a local laboratory couple blood test, we have a bakery here selling whole wheat baking products.”


Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Mr. Bill, what is the main objective of this, why is it that you guys decided to carry out this event?”

Bill Hund – President of Rotary Club

“The main objective of this event is health awareness, so many people in Belize know that they are not healthy but they don’t know why and they even sometime afraid to seek any kind of assistance so we trying to get the word out to them that health is there an available to them but they need to initiate that, the need to come and ask.”

Due to the fair’s success, the club has decided to host the event annually.

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