Screen_shot_2011-07-19_at_8.00.54_PMThis years PSE results proved beyond doubt that there needs to be improvement in the areas of Mathematics, English and Science which all showed a 5% reduction in performance. As the Ministry of Education looks into ways to improve that performance, one of the measures taken was to plan a two week summer camp for standard five students of the Orange Walk District. The summer camp kicked off last week and is aimed at covering the topics of literacy and mathematics which are two of the most critical subjects. Our news team stopped by today to find out how the program is coming along.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

Over 200 standard five students from all over the Orange Walk District have put summer vacations out of their minds for a while and have signed up for the Ministry of Education’s summer program.

The program kicked off last week with the topic of literacy headed by Barbara Levy, Peace Corps volunteer.

Barbara Levy- Peace Corps Volunteer

“This little break in the summer it was quiet different than a regular classroom program so the children have enjoyed it and it helps keep their skills up so they don’t forget things over the summer and each child at the end did a very piece of writing. Last week we did a literacy Program as part of the summer camp and we concentrated especially on the writing. The children kept journals, they learnt a lot about writing with the teachers, they had many lessons on different points of grammar and punctuation and I think they had a good time. A lot of it is enthusiasm for what they are doing and I think the teachers did a really good job to make it fun for the children and making it safe for them to just try and be creative and do their best and a lot of it is practice too because if you practice right you become a good writer so we gave them an opportunity to do that.”

This week it is all about mathematics. And for that topic Peace Corps volunteer Satoshi Itogawa is more than happy to assist. He told us the trick to licking mathematics is all about the thrill of solving the problem.

Satoshi Itogawa- Peace Corps Volunteer

“Our plan is just to improve basic mathematics skills for standard six students and right now they are working in pairs for drawing so it is not such a difficult work. The first day we are learning about fraction, today we taught them ration. They are also going to learn other subjects.”

Yari- Catzim- Reporter

“How do you make math fun for these children because we know children don’t like math very much?”

Satoshi Itogawa- Peace Corps Volunteer

“We do more practice because math for me is not hard work because I enjoy calculating and solving questions. If you want to enjoy mathematics you need to try practice and enjoy solving those questions.”

For the children, although it’s all school work, it has been a fun experience. These participants are confident that the two weeks will pay off in their exams.

Berti Sanchez- La Inmaculada

“I am taking math it is very fun actually because I am learning a lot and I am sure that I will pass my class in standard six when I go.”

Yari- Catzim- Reporter

“So you think these classes will help you when you sis the exam?”

Berti Sanchez- La Inmaculada

“Yes it will.”

Marisa Jacobs- Trial Farm Government School

“I am enjoying it a lot I love the teacher because he made it easier for me to learn. I have learnt about reading, how to write stories and they also gave us some handouts so we could practice.”

Yari- Catzim- Reporter

So you think that next year you will be ready for your P.S.E?”

Joanna Coc- Trial Farm Government School

“I am sure they really made me feel relaxed to do what I want do I can write and express myself.”

Joanna Coc- Trial Farm Government School

“I am really enjoying these summer classes because I get to learn more about math and writing stories and I am sure that when I go take the P.S.E I know I will be able to write juicy stories.”

Each session ends at 12 noon and the program comes to a close on Friday.

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