IMG-20141117-03671Today, sodality brothers and sisters, Helpage volunteers and honorary family members gathered at the home of Luisa Bardalez for a celebration of her 101st birthday. It’s a milestone for any centenarian to say the least and today her living room was filled with love and caring from many well-wishers. Reporter Maria Novelo has that story.

Maria Novelo – Reporting

Born November 17th, 1913, Luisa Bardalez or ‘Gran’, as she is fondly known, was in jovial spirits today as she celebrated with friends one more year to her century mark. The centenarian has declared that a life close to God is the secret to an extended period of living.

Maria Novelo - Reporter

“Mrs. Luisa, you are celebrating 101 years old, how are you feeling?

Luisa Bardalez – 101 Years Old

“I feel pretty good and happy.”

Maria Novelo - Reporter

“You seem very much than you did last year, what is it that you do to keep so young?”

Luisa Bardalez – 101 Years Old

“I pray to the good Lord to help me, if he want me hear those prayers I will to hear I love it but the day he ready I ready too because I want to go with a clean heart to face the Lord.”

Complications  to her hip due to a broken leg has rendered Bardalez confined to a wheelchair but shared with us that despite her predicament she remains positive and showed loved for all.

Luisa Bardalez – 101 Years Old

“I don’t know if they love me as how I love them and I thank God I love them because I love my sisters and brothers, because God is the father and the superior, he is our father so no mind you are blue, black or green we are all sisters and brother in the name of the Lord.”

And her love runs deep, just as much as her sense of humor.

Luisa Bardalez – 101 Years Old

“Noh scatter my birthday because you will hear my mom birthday today, you will scatter me from Palmar to Trial Farm so I tell them no tell them I complete m birthday today and he is the last of November too.”

Treasurer of Helpage Orange Walk, Belizario Carballo says Bardalez is the oldest in the Helpage family.

Belizario Carballo – Treasurer, Helpage OW

“Mrs. Bardalez has been a member of Helpage for many, many years and the only she stop going is because of her feet that she cannot walk but we still visit her and we are very happy that we were able to come today, not only Helpage but members of the Santa Anna Sodality because when she was young she was very faithful member of St. Annes Sodality as well as Helpage so we are very happy to be here to celebrate this birthday with her and we hope to be next year again to celebrate her hundred and second birthday.”

Missing her family in the US, a teary eyed Bardalez shared with us her only wish.

Luisa Bardalez – 101 Years Old

“I da wish I am close to my family, I wish all of them, Catherine, Debbie and Betita and her children them, I wish all of them around me but I can’t everybody has to live them life and I want all of them around me but it is impossible.”

But while that wish cannot become realistic, atleast for today, she remains optimistic to see another healthy and hearty year of life.

Luisa Bardalez – 101 Years Old

“Bueno pues aquí estamos y yo les quiero a todos ustedes y les quiero mucho porque somos hijos de Dios.”

And while we celebrated one more year of life with Bardalez, over the weekend the Helpage family lost its second eldest, Magdalena Jimenez. Viewers may recall we featured Jimenez in October for the Month of Older persons. We wish to extend our condolences to the family. Jimenez passed away at the age of 97.

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