Screen_shot_2011-07-19_at_8.01.45_PMThe Cooperatives Department has embarked on the financing of a cake decorating initiative for women of the Orange Walk District. The initiative kicked off three weeks ago with over 30 women from Orange Walk, San Jose, San Antonio, Yo Creek, and Santa Cruz all signing up for the training. The women meet twice every week for the training at Santa Cruz. Today our news team travelled to that community and filed the following report.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

Eduardo Leiva- Cooperatives Department

“Estamos en esta iniciativa para darle un poquito de apoyo a las mujeres del norte. Son los mismos grupos que están en el proyecto de la Soya entonces agarramos la parte del norte en ensenarles como para hacer pastel.”

These women meet every Tuesday and Wednesday. So far the enrollment in the program is 35 women who, according to Eduardo Leiva from the Cooperatives Department, have all shown enthusiasm in the course.

Eduardo Leiva - Cooperatives Department

“Es formidable porque a pesar del tiempo ellas han buscando tiempo para estar aquí cada semana y como vemos la participación es excelente.”

Yari- Catzim- Reporter

“Como funciona el programa?”

Eduardo Leiva - Cooperatives Department

“El departamento está financiando todo lo que es el proyecto lo único que ellos tienen que hacer es llegar al sitio eso es su contribución departe de ellos.”

The instructor is Fidel Trujillo, a chef from Chetumal. Trujillo has been making pastries for 15 years and for the training he is bringing his own Mexican style of pastry making into the mix.

Fidel Trujillo- Instructor

“Estamos ensenándoles a hacer pasteles y a decorar varias variedades de pasteles. Básicamente no ay trucos siguiendo el recetario pueden aprender. Ahorita estamos haciendo un Pastel de Queso y todavía faltan más que vamos a hacer. De alguna manera es un gusto contribuir a que otras personas aprendan mas es un agrado que las mujeres estén aprendiendo.”

Olga Diaz from the Santa Cruz Women’s Group is one of the participants, and she told us that because the group runs a restaurant in the village the pastry training will come in very handy in enhancing their menu.

Olga Diaz- Santa Cruz Women’s Group

“Pues el grupo trabaja lo que es el restaurante y también quiere aparte de eso tener otras actividades mas no quedarnos solo con eso y por eso pensamos en el curso de pastel. Si se está aprendiendo varias formas de decoración de pastel.”

Another participant is Loyola Castillo. Castillo has been preparing for her certification in the culinary arts and the training today has proven to be additional help in her preparation.

Loyola Castillo- Participant

“For me it has been one of the biggest boosts to what I am doing since I am studying culinary. Here in this calls we are given our measurements in grams and liters so when I take my culinary math exam I will be prepared because this is giving me practice on how to convert measurements. It has been I would say my best class.

Maria Elena Meza- Women in Art Group

“It is a great experience because we see that the ladies are taking advantage of what is being offered and definitely it will be useful to them and they are all excited and having fun. The type of cake that we are doing right now is different than what we have done previously compared to the one that we are being exposed to which is Mexican.”  

The financing for the project will total about $3000, but the benefits will be far reaching and worth much more than that.

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