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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Amid the debate on the Petrocaribe loan, government ministers argued their support of the move with a majority of them making reference to projects funded by the monies of the loan, which is something the Opposition has deemed as illegal. Deputy Prime Minister and Orange Walk North Area Representative Gaspar Vega gave his support, naturally, and ardently point out that Orange Walk has been benefiting from the investments of the Petrocaribe funds.

Screen_Shot_2014-11-20_at_7.56.20_PMHonorable Gaspar Vega – Deputy Prime Minister of Belize

“In Orange Walk we have seen millions of dollars invested in the sugar roads. Mr. Speaker, I want to thank on behalf all Orange Walkenos, the Prime Minister and this United Democratic Government for ensuring for bringing prosperity for Orange Walk, we bring betterment to Orange Walk and to all Orange Walkenos regardless of which color, which denomination of religion, which political party hey belong to we work for all.  No mek ghosts fool you we will have an election next year March and you will get just what you are asking for.”

Orange Walk Central Area Representative John Briceno however is not convinced calling the work already achieved, cheap.

Honorable John Briceno – Orange Walk Central Area Representative

“We done know about the Phillip Goldson Highway, where now again the minister of education is saying that they are building the highway all the way from Carmelita village, obviously he don’t know where is Orange Walk and where Carmelita village is because they haven’t started to build the road way in Orange Walk in front of Come & Go Service Station that is miles away but yet in his mind he say well they are building the highway all the way from Carmelita village but the news already; we know that he no normal, pointed out that it is breaking up and there are other areas that are breaking up; look at this picture Mr. Speaker see how the side walk is breaking up, see how the whole hot mix already is breaking up, this is right where Guadalupe Street goes up to the highway just look on it I mean it is ashamed, millions of dollars and watch how it is already breaking up made at most a month of two so you can imagine how it is going to be in a year or two Mr. Speaker but they think that by then elections done, look at this one by the late Rick Cantun house the same highway Mr. Speaker in town same contractor and look how this done breaking up, just take a look one Imer Hernandez, Mr. Speaker this was built about a month ago, here we have by Mr. Blanco family house Mr.. Speaker look how the hot mix already peeling off yet this contractor is going to collect about 5 million dollars and we are just a month and they not even finished the project and it is already breaking up, look another one by Landys again the side walk is already breaking, they have areas where you have already opening up between the road and the side walk is about an inch open because they are just doing a cheap and hurry job and there is no accountability.”

Honorable John Briceno – Orange Walk Central Area Representative

“If the UDP government, if they believe that they have the people on their side; right now they are spending all of the Petro Caribe money for political gain, instead of wanting to do better it is simply political game that is what they want to do, they know that they have messed up so bad, they know that they have deceived so many people so bad, they know that they have let down the people of Belize so bad that they believe by spending 228 million dollars just before a Town Council elections that they think that they are going to buy the people of this country but let me tell you if you think you bad Minister of Port Loyola, make we don’t talk about the Town Council elections, let’s talk about the General Elections, I am challenging you representative of Port Loyola and all your colleagues if you think that the Belizean people are on your side call the general elections now.”

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