policePolice investigations into two recent murders in Orange Walk Town continue, and so does the attempt to establish a connection between the perpetrators of the murders and other recent robberies in town.

On Friday, a Chinese businessman was viciously gunned down in his store, and 24 hours later two men and a minor had been detained in connection with that murder. Tonight we can report that after an identification parade conducted yesterday, charges have been levied against one of those men and a minor, but for a murder which occurred two days before, on Wednesday, July 13th. Twenty-three year old Orson Cardona was murdered behind S.P Discount Centre when someone shot him in the abdomen and by the time Police arrived at the scene of the crime, Cardona’s murderer had already disappeared into the night.

Police believe the man who pulled the trigger on Wednesday night is no other than 21 year old Carlos Quintero better known as (Canicas). Today Quintero was charged with murder while a 16 year old minor from the Louisiana Area; whose name we will not reveal was charged for conspiracy to commit murder. It is expected that more charges will be levied against both men.

Around 1:30 on Wednesday morning Cardona was walking at the corner of Arthur and Mejiba Street when someone shot him in the abdomen. At the time of the incident residents of the area told CTV3 that right after the single gunshot was heard two men riding separate bicycles were seen leaving the area.

It is believed that the two persons will be officially arraigned at the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court tomorrow. 

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