Rigo_Vellos_2Three time Mr. Belize and professional body builder, Rigo Vellos has done it again, placing Belize in the spotlight as he accomplished another milestone in his career. Over the weekend Mr. Belize travelled to Merida Yucatan, to compete in the Copa Revolucion 2014 among other international body builders from Merida, Cancun, Escarciga, Vera Cruz and Tamaulipas.  At the end of the competition, Vellos dominated in the 80 Kilograms division which is equivalent to the heavy weight category. The Belize Body Building Federation which represents Vellos says that the victory is ‘the second year running that he has won at Merida tournament as the reigning Mr. Belize, beating out competitors from Merida, Cancun, Escarciga, Vera Cruz and Tamaulipas,” end quote. Aside from receiving his championship trophy, Rigo Vellos walked away with a cash prize of $900. Vellos will once again appear on an international stage the second week in December when he competes in the Mr. Temple Gym competition in Cancun, Mexico.

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