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Screen_Shot_2014-11-24_at_8.31.12_PMHundreds of Belizeans from all the corners of the country flocked to the 4th Annual Tacos Fest held under the Banquitas House of Culture on the picturesque riverside bank of the New River. The glorious renowned Shugga Citi ‘tacos’ got the spotlight it has long deserved when the tortilla-wrapped fave was celebrated at this food and music festival. Our news team which comprised of Videographer, Jesus Melgar and Reporter Maria Novelo were there and bring you the following report.

Maria Novelo – Reporting

For most of Sunday, the aroma of the tacos invaded the lower flat of the Banquitas House of Culture during breakfast rush as the many tacos stalls found in Orange Walk Town took part in Tacos Fest.

Friends and taco aficionados had the opportunity to taste the best tacos from among a dozen vendors. Whether it was the traditional chicken or pork tacos, rest assure, the event drew a large crowd for the undeniably best tacos in Belize. Our rounds of the event began when we touched base with the vendors, who after only a few hours in, were sold out.


“De cochinita pibil y pollo pibil y si lo está pidiendo la gente y les esta gustando.”

“Jessica Blanco – Chito’s Tacos

“The difference between our tacos is that we put extra love on it and I am just here to participate and I wanted to be part of the Tacos Fest is my first year out here and I am serving my clients because without them we are nothing.”

Vendor 3

“I have 2 places at my tortilla factory in front of Western Diaries and at mid night tacos around Hi-5. Self-praise is no recommendation and left to the people to make that comment.”

But what did the critics have to say about the tacos served at this festival? And what is it that makes Shugga Citi’s tacos one to “die for”?


Yvette Liu – Organizing Committee

“I certainly believe that is that magical touch of love that they put in their ingredient of the tacos and also because is made up of corn tortilla and we use all natural ingredients and their condiments.”

Richard Lopez – Festival Goer

“So I just come enjoy some tacos because they have all mixture and I have tried some pork tacos and some chicken and it was really delicious and I see they do it in front of me so I really enjoy when they do it in front of so I really enjoy it mein.”

Sherlett Prince – Festival Goer

“I enjoy the pork one and the chicken and the fish first time, I guess the tough of your hands make it unique because Belize one taste good too but Orange Walk just taste better, I don’t know.”

Fernando Benavidez – Festival Goer

“The Orange Walk taco is special because it is in layers and when they serve it it is in tow layers and you have your vegetable and your salsa and everything is crispy and that is what makes Tacos Fest to me so special.”

Armando Benavidez – Festival Goer

“I buy the pibil tacos, and it is good and great, I am from Ladyville and we came from the crew of the canoe race and enjoy the Tacos and Caribbean rum from Orange Walk.”

Clyve Myers – Festival Goer

“I don’t think there is a definition or a meaning behind Orange Walk Tacos is understood so the whole Orange Walk Tacos Fest is a signature event for the destination so I think is a flavour, a taste or a culture everything that makes it unique and special for Belizeans.”

This year saw the debut of new tacos items.


“Por ahora tenemos tacos de longaniza y teníamos tacos de Italian Sausage hechos desde San Estevan para vender por porción y a la gente le gusto bastante y ya se vendió y se terminó todo.”

Yvette Liu – Organizing Committee

“We have fish tacos, we have pork tacos, the pibil tacos, he chicken tacos which is the normal one that we eat and also we have the tacos that is made with tortilla a mano so we have a lot of variety this year and we are so happy that we have partnered with the different tacos vendors.”

Despite the wait, many stuck it out in line to grab a variety of the ever popular tacos that were readily available. The day featured a canoe race, games for children and adults and ended with music provided by Supa G. According to the organizers, it was an overwhelming tacos success!

At the end of the day, after an incognito taste testing to choose the best tacos of the day was held awards were handed over to Patty Aguilar for first place in the chicken and pork category while second place for the pork category went to Francisco Chata and Glady’s Carbajal took second place in the chicken category.

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