Government will be paying for CSEC examination. This was confirmed by Minister of Education Patrick Faber today in a brief meeting with the press.  Minister Faber says they will pay for up to six examinations. Students who had applied up to the deadline last Friday will be benefiting from the service says the minister.

Screen_Shot_2014-11-24_at_8.31.53_PMHonorable Patrick Faber – Minister of Education

“There have been some glitches in terms of rolling this initiative out an so because the funds are there and because we want to help the maximum amount of people what we decided to do is to assist all of those who applied now clearly there are those who did not apply and that is an issue for us want to make sure to favor those person who can’t pay that is a major criticism that came for the free tuition issue back in under the Esquivel administration that there were many people who could pay and of course if they could pay they should pay so we turn the idea for paying for all and those who signed up for CXC up to six but decided in the end to go for those who applied.  Now what I want to be cautious of is that we don’t set a bad precedence, I want to be clear to people that in fact the way we have gone about trying to get information so that we could pay for these CSEC Examinations is exactly what this ministry and this administration believes in, is just a matter of ease for this first leg that we are doing it in this manner to pay for all those who apply but the foundation is that we want for people to use this mechanism as it was designed that is apply, take the mean survey so that we are able to find out what the conditions are from these families and the situation so that we could provide the various resources from various different initiatives to help these families.”

According to Faber, once you agreed to the survey and participated in it up to last Friday the persons will be assisted. The minister elaborated on the process of making the decision to roll out the assistance.

Honorable Patrick Faber – Minister of Education

Hundred percent of those who applied are going to get the CSEC examinations paid for and just to be crystal clear it is up to six exams.  In other words, if you are taking one that will be paid for, taking two, three, four, five, six, it will be paid for.  If you are taking in excess of six the government will pay for six for you and you’d probably be responsible to pay for the difference.  And again there is a rationale behind going with six, as though of you in the media probably know, if you pass the six CSEC subjects and, I think we have a requirement that one must be English A, then you are entitled to a tuition scholarship at the junior college level.  That applies to UB, it doesn’t apply to Galen because Galen doesn’t have an associate degree rate but you can still get it for what it’s worth which is thirty dollars per credit hour…  So it is a stepping stone for those who said, “I would not have gone on to sixth form.”  Well here’s an opportunity.  Government is paying for these CSEC exams, these exams will get you a step into the tertiary level door if you do well on them and then we can continue from there.  We believe that at the end of this process that a significant portion, more than I’d say probably two-thirds of those students who are in this position to benefit will benefit from it provided they applied, you know.  Two-thirds of the entire population that is, whether the need is there or not, but two-thirds of the entire population would get some relief in terms of these payments.”

But some schools have collected payments for these exams and the Minister says that it would be logical that families be reimbursed, but then again that depends on the individual schools. According to the Minister, more than half of over four thousand students have applied and close to sixty percent had initially received a positive response. Now, all that amount of applications has been accepted by government.

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