Screen_Shot_2014-11-26_at_8.39.31_PMAfter BSI presented cane farmers with the contracts earlier in the month, there have been several consolations with them on the content of the agreement. So far, we have not been able to confirm if any farmer has signed this contract and the BSCFA has repeatedly cautioned farmers to reflect on the long and short term implications of such a contract. It appears though that there is some misinformation being spread which BSCFA’s CEO, Oscar Alonzo, sought to clarify today. The rumour is that farmers in Corozal are already signing that agreement with BSI but Alonzo says this is not the case and they have the support of farmers in Corozal.

Oscar Alonzo – CEO  BSCFA

“What the farmers are signing there we understand that certain members of the St. Francis Xavier Credit Union are also members of the other Association and they are being given forms to join that Association, not to sign the BSI agreement so farmers are not signing any agreement as we understand there so we just want that to be clear that our farmers are still solid and we are getting increasing support from other organizations in the country.”

That group which is attempting to be registered as an Association goes by the name of Corozal Cane Producers. We understand that already 1, 200 farmers from Corozal under the St Francis Credit Union have registered with the group or are getting applications to become part of group.

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