In august of this year, we told you about a sensational allegation that involved attorney Arthur Saldivar and a very large sum of money that had just recently been recovered in the court of appeal for the Coye family. Saldivar who had been the attorney for the Coye family, accused of laundering millions, got the family acquitted, and got government to give them back all the money that had been frozen for years. Shortly after, in a twist of fate, Melonie Coye stated on record that Saldivar kept a large portion of the money as she claimed that on June 12th, she and Saldivar went to pick up one point six million dollars in unfrozen funds from the Central Bank. Coye claimed they counted the money and then left. And that’s the point where things spin out of control. Coye states that Saldivar was holding a briefcase with over nine hundred thousand dollars in it, and left the scene without giving it to her. She further stated that she has made repeated attempts to get it back, but with no success. Since the incident, Coye has retained the services of Eamon Courtenay in an attempt to get her money back. And today, that case was heard, Attorney Hubert Elrington who represented Saldivar spoke to the media outside the court chambers.

Screen_Shot_2014-11-27_at_8.03.34_PMHubert Elrinton - SENIOR COUNSEL

“The judge meant that they obtained, the other side of obtained in default of defense was made at their request. Of course we had also made a request for sitting aside. The truth of the matter is that they were so anxious to enter a judgment that they counted wrongly, it was simply a matter of one two three but they succeeded in getting it wrong so having realized that they put it in three days earlier that it was to come in they asked the judge to please set it aside for them and we agreed on a cost to us of $1,000.”


“Talk to us about this judgment and what effect it would have had if not been vacated?”

Hubert Elrinton - SENIOR COUNSEL

“Well if they claim certain orders and direction in a claim as was done, the entire orders and direction that were claimed would have been in effect given by the court and then the matter would have between Saldivar on one hand and Coye on the other hand would have been completely concluded but remember we are saying that it seems to us strange that Ms. Coye who was not the owner of any money that was seized by the police, because the admission was that at all times the money belonged to her father so we are kind of baffled by her claim that this money is hers and she ought to be given it so we wanted the matter to go forward to clarify that issue at least. If you died you would have to apply for administration of the state, the law is clear. Nobody has applied for administration of the state. Anybody who thinks they have the right to the estate can apply that is what the law says.” 

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