So what is BSI ASR’s position? According to the Prime Minister, he has spoken with representatives of the company however; they were not ready to commit to any compromise at that time. In his meeting with representatives of that party on Monday this week, the PM says his objective was to get them to go back to the negotiating table. BSI as we know has remained steadfast on their position and this seems to remain the case. In fact, the PM said that by the time he met with them, he had already received word of the BSCFA’s new approach in the way forward.

Screen_Shot_2014-11-28_at_8.11.45_PMHonorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“I had already as indicated had from the Deputy Prime Minister an indication of the flexibility that the BSCFA was prepared to show and so In asking ASR/BSI to agree to come back to the table I was able to tell them that there is flexibility that the BSCFA is prepared to show and that it was my feeling that that flexibility was such that it ought to produce an agreement.

So it appears that the PM’s intervention may ultimately lead to a close of the impasse in the sugar industry. But if we recall, parties involved, the PM included have gone full circle and are back in the same place they were a year ago. Granted, last there was over two months delay in the start of the crop, which is what stakeholders want to avoid this time around.  So, what happens if things don’t play out as the PM is optimistic it will?

Honorable Dean Barrow– Prime Minister of Belize

"If the negotiations do not prove fruitful there are limits on what Government can do with the question for example of the SICB making some sort of a ruling to put it in those terms would then raise the further question of how do you enforce the ruling of the SICB but I am giving anxious thought to that particular conundrum in the meantime hoping that it won’t come to that that in fact there will be success in consequence of the negotiation.”

But throughout the statement, the PM did not say directly on which side he stands and simply stated the following.


Honorable Dean Barrow– Prime Minister of Belize

“Ultimately sir Government will be on the side of the angels remember the Israeli, man is either  the angel or the … we are on the side of the angles.”

The Prime Minister is expected to contact BSI ASR to settle on a date for negotiations to resume which we understand can be as early as next week. And while we are still unaware of the proposed modifications requested by the BSCFA, they will be revealed on Sunday when the association holds its Annual General Meeting and faces its membership. How cane farmers will react to those proposed modifications is another story.


Another important question is what happens to the proposed seven year contract presented to individual cane farmers and reaping groups by BSI for the purchase and delivery of cane? We can’t answer that right now. What we can tell you though, is that today was the last day of the consultation period. Meaning today was the last for cane farmers to send their queries and comments on the proposed contract which BSI stated could be amended after the queries and comments are reviewed.

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