Richard Harrison will contest the bi-election on January fifth in Cayo North. The announcement was made by the PUP this morning following a meeting with the PUP’s national executive and parliamentary caucus also held this morning. Immediately after Joseph Mahmud tendered his resignation, Michel Chebat and Richard Harrison submitted their interest to represent the party in the area but up until yesterday Deputy Party leader and Party Leader Francis Fonseca determined that Richard Harrison be endorsed and thus the party will not be holding a convention. This was tabled at this morning’s meeting. Party Leader Francis Fonseca says they believe Harrison is their strongest candidate.

Honorable Francis Fonseca- P.U.P Leader 

“We want to of course thank Mister Michel Chebat; he essentially withdrew his candidacy. He felt that it was in the best interest of the party to do so. We need to have a unified strong aggressive intensive campaign over the next five weeks in Cayo North. As a party, all of us felt that it was not in our interest to hold a convention at this time. And so that was the basis on which the decision was made and we strongly feel that Mister Richard Harrison represents the best opportunity for the party to win the bye-election in Cayo North on January fifth, 2015.”

And the man of the hour was also present at the press conference today. According to Richard Harrison, he has what it takes to win the seat one more.

Richard-Harrison0002Richard Harrison- PUP  Candidate For Cayo North

"I have just been on the ground for about a week and a half now, but I am from there. I was born there, I grew up there, I invest there; I have a lot of friends, I have fun there. It is a beautiful place and This is a proud moment for me to get this opportunity although I would have hope for a convention - that's what I was calling for from the beginning, an open free and fair convention, but certain things have changed, urgency has been created by things outside of our control, outside the control of our party and we have to agree with the wiser judgment of all our part. I respect the decision that has been made here today and that is the reason why I Accept to be nominated in this way although I had another way of how I wanted be here which is by the choice of the people of Cayo North. We have been talking to the people over the last week and a half and we are convince that we have a strategy even though the time has come     so suddenly and so short upon us we believe that we have a practical strategy to win that seat basically we have an opponent Omar Figueroa who is someone that I know very well he comes from a family that I respect, I respect Omar he is a good guy but right now Belize needs people with experience and a lot of fire to get this done this country needs to change and I Believe that I am the better man.”

This afternoon Michel Chebat issued a release stating that he stepped aside to help, quote “foster unity and harmony within the party”. He continued stating and we quote, “This was not an easy decision for me, however, I want to assure all of you who opened your hearts and your homes to me that I will not fade away…I plead to all PUPs in the Cayo North Division and throughout the country to converge on Cayo North and especially on the 5th of January 2015 to assure a victory for the people of Belize,” end of quote.

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