During the BSCFA’s Annual General Meeting, the farmers expressed their determination to remain true to their fight. Amid all the discussions so far, there is a noticeable separation occurring within the BSCFA. We say this because Chair of the Committee of Management, Ezekiel Cansino and branch directors has held coupe meetings with government officials without inviting the negotiating team. We asked Cansino if he could confirm whether or not there is any friction within the BSCFA. This is what he responded.

Screen_Shot_2014-12-01_at_8.28.11_PMEzekiel cansino

“I don’t know but as you said as committee of management I with the eighteen directors we had a meeting with them and they said that well the cane farmers have voiced that they need to start the crop and they need the intervention of the government so on that issue we accept the invitation of the DPM to be there with him with the eighteen directors and just like I said I didn’t went to negotiate nothing with the DPM I simply went and affirm him that the cane farmers are willing to start the crop and we need a date to start the crop.”

The BSCFA is hoping to start crop on December 8th with BSI ASR on board with a new agreement or some compromise.

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