Screen_shot_2011-07-20_at_6.23.14_PMMany organizations within our midst, such as the MAMAS group, the Creative Women in Art and the Women’s Group of Guinea Grass provide opportunities for women to learn a trade, and that trade, be it in art, cake decorating, embroidery or sewing is just the start for many who wish to convert it to a business.

But in many cases the enthusiasm and skill are evident, but converting that trade into a successful business is another matter. That is why since early this year the Mexican Embassy has been providing training to women in the entrepreneurship sector.

The second such workshop was held on Friday and Saturday, under the theme “Marketing and Innovation for Small Businesses.” The workshop was made possible through collaboration with the University of Quintana Roo. Licenciada Esther Montalvo, in charge of Special Affairs at the Mexican Embassy, was one of the facilitators and spoke to us via phone.

Lic. Esther Montalvo - Special Affairs Mexican Embassy

“Es un seguimiento de diversos proyectos y lo más importante del taller es que se le da seguimiento ah algunas ideas de mujeres que tienen para aprender un negocio. Era para desarrollar un plan de mercado técnico que ellos tenían respecto a sus negocios. Las ideas en este taller eran para ayudarlas a poner un negocio.”

30 women enrolled in the workshop which was headed by Professor Karen Diane Eaton, lecturer of the University of Quintana Roo and member of the Sustainability and Innovation for Small and Medium Enterprises in Tourism Destinations Program.

Lic. Esther Montalvo- Special Affairs Mexican Embassy

“Todas las mujeres realmente participaron en el taller tienen mucho entusiasmo y ganas de poder desarrollar sus negocios, interactuaron con a profesora de la Universidad de Quintana Roo, escucharon todas sus dudas y bueno se ve un cambio, una transformación de las mujeres de hace un ano y medio a esta fecha. Ellos ya tienen como plantear sus negocios como desarrollarlos, como poner sus slogan, y que nombre ponerle, donde adquirir más herramienta sobre todo conocer más el mercado Beliceño para que ellas puedan desarrollar sus negocios de una mejor manera, pero sin duda todas la mujeres son exitosas, tienen muy buenas ideas, son muy entusiastas y son herramientas básicas para entender poner sus negocios propios.”

Today we spoke to two women who were a part of the workshop. They shared with us what they learnt and how it will help them in the futures they choose.

Maria Elena Meza- Creative Women in Art OW

“Now this second part that we had last week it was mainly about marketing and believe me we were very, very attentive to that because it is something that we have been having in exposure on different presentations in town where we can display our work but a lot of us are los when it comes to pricing, when it comes to a business sense so to speak, so in that workshop that we did for two days we had many ideas which straighten out our minds as to how we can achieve our goals and be better entrepreneurs because that’s is the basic thing, to be able to create or build on that small business that we have already set so that we are successful in the future.”  

Loyola Castillo

“For me was very good because they nailed everything exact on the point that I need it, I am developing my logo, I am getting ready to put out my goods in the market and I have a limited amount of products because of the quality that I do and I can’t do a lot because of the amount that I do I gear to some specific customers and that gives me a good guide on how to handle that part of my business.”  

The women received a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop.

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