Screen_Shot_2014-12-02_at_8.01.18_PMThis week is observed as Disability Week in the country of Belize and while in other districts the week was officially launched yesterday, in Corozal Town the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports officially launched the week this morning with a parade through the principal streets of that municipality.

Within the Corozal District there are three special needs centers of which all three came out today to take part in this year’s event.

Jahmor Lopez – Manager MOE

“We had the participation of centers, the students and teachers and also other groups who were invited to participate, the whole idea behind disability awareness week is to sensitize the general public about students and people within the community who have special needs and referred to them as differently able and for us to promote the whole concept of inclusion, so it is about education, awareness, empowerment and inclusion because the statistics is that worldwide here are about a billion individuals who are term disable, it is a very large population and not much is being done to assist these individuals so that they can be a part of their society in terms of contributing economically, socially and so it is to bring awareness to the general public.”

This year’s theme “Sustainable development - the promise of technology” is quite interesting according to District Education Manager Jahmor Lopez.

Jahmor Lopez – Manager MOE

“It is very, very applicable sustainable development speaks to economic development in such a manner that it will not adversely affect the environment and when we look at people that are differently able their lives and even lives of individuals who are able, their lives can be enhanced through the use of technology.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“This is the launching of disability week, what are the activities that are in schedule for this week?”

Jahmor Lopez – Manager MOE

“We had a number of activities, we have this one today and I believe tomorrow the students will be doing a tour of the Free Zone, they will get to ride on a fire truck, they will get to visit the banks as I understand in terms of the concept of saving money, we want to promote the whole concept of literacy and entrepreneurship to have students understand at an early age the power and significance of money so they will be going to a number of financial institutions, they will be probably to sit behind the counter beside a teller to see how that is done, we are going to visit a number of businesses and I believe when that is finished they will have I think they will have lunch for them at Las Vegas restaurant.”

In the Corozal District Disability Week will culminate with the Customs annual Christmas party and the Special Olympics scheduled for Friday in Belize City.

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