Screen_Shot_2014-12-03_at_7.53.15_PMToday the La Inmaculada Credit Union signed a Memorandum of Agreement that will serve to strengthen its services to its membership and potential members. That MOU was signed with the Small Business Development Center at BELTRAIDE this morning. Dalila Ical has more on the story.

Dalila Ical – Reporting

Ligia Gideon

“They’re a power house this side of the country and SB Belize is making a name in Belize City as well and the whole function is to be able to make the business community more viable in order not only to access credit but to be able to repay their loans as well.”

And with both these highly successful parties joining, there is only more success to be bred as the La Inmaculada Credit Union’s membership stand to benefit from both institutions.

Ligia Gideon

“The Credit Union is exactly in the business of financial lending and in order to be able to lend more they need to be able to reduce their risk in lending and that is what we bring to the table, working with their potential clients in capacitating them in their business making them knowhow it is to run a business and also giving them the support of running a business so that they can be more viable whether to access more credit therefore making the Credit Union more less troubled in lending money to them or they can repay their loans in a timely manner and as a consequence also grow.”

Yolanda Gomez

“They have the expertise there and they are well equipped for these kinds of training and ones we marry both initiatives whereby they prepare our membership, they prepare our members and we provide the credit we definitely cannot go wrong and that will definitely bring success so it is going to be a win, win situation for us all.”

Both entities were introduced to the idea of collaborating over a year ago and this morning’s singing of the MOU finally synched their core functions.

Ligia Gideon

“A part of the partnership is how well we can make a branch of us here in Belize but we don’t know how it would look like in Orange Walk all we know is that we going to have a presence in Orange Walk for right now because the beauty of this partnership we can fine tune it every month and so right now it is basically we do it one a week coming up here and sitting with their clients and from there we need to figure what will be their training schedule for Orange Walk and the beauty of the partnership is that we don’t have to do it by ourselves, if we can capacitate the Credit Union themselves to do the training and we do the monitoring evaluation and the quality control that is just as good so it all about making sure the information gets to the business community who does it is irrelevant right now.”


You don’t have to be a part of the LICU to benefit from the new partnership. The LICU will refer its membership to the trainings but interested persons can actually contact the LICU or go directly to the Small Business and Development Center.

Yolanda Gomez

“La Inmaculada is always looking for different initiative on how we can improve our services and assist the members to move to a different level, everything is a win, win situation for all parties involved and we would like to publicly thank Beltrade Small Business Development Centre to have partnered with us as they see us as a crucial stakeholder in engaging the community is for empowerment and Economical Independence.”

Anyone who is interested in the services offered from the new partnership between the LICU and the SBCD, Beltraide can contact or visit the LICU.

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