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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

MassamAnd while Corozal police are investigating the circumstance surrounding the death of Mark Massam and have detained Carlos Casanova for the murder, family members of the victim claim that their loved one was set up.

Doris Massam – Sister of deceased.

“According to Police he was a target because he came out from jail in January and he got shot already and nothing came out of it, he got chopped already and nothing come out of it so now he is dead and I think they are glad.”



“Do you believe that, we know that he has had his troubles with police but do you believe that because of that police didn’t treat him as a citizen who deserve justice and who deserve the protection of the law?”

Doris Massam – Sister of deceased.

“Of course, police didn’t do their work properly because according got what I heard that the police was at the scene when the man was chopping my brother so as they reached there they could had stop it, maybe the matter wouldn’t be so worst he still could got a chance to live but they just left him right there to dead, but if you see somebody not stopping what next to make you do that is the only thing the shot man without not even doing nothing to nobody and they shoot so why they never shoot the man as the got to the site and they say stop and the man don’t want to stop.”


“Prior to this incident last night did your brother had any type of conflict with this person that killed him?”

Doris Massam – Sister of deceased.

“Well according to what we hear is like a set up, they call him to kill him, I haven’t heard he had any conflict because it is from back on they chopped him, they chopped him in his head and a big hole is in his head and neck and no finger at all.”

As family members prepare to bury their loved one the accused’s family, the Cassanovas claim that their son suffered from mental problems and that could have very well been a factor that caused him to commit the crime. Today in an interview with the accused’s father, Carlos Cassanova, he told us about the conversation he had with his son the last time he saw him.

Carlos Casanova – Father of the Accuse.

“He was right in my house listening to music and had the television on, he, me and his other and I told my wife lets go to rest we need to get up early tomorrow and them she told me to ask my son if he is going out and so he told me dad I am going with my friends and I told him just to take care and he told me that he was not going to take long, not too long after fifteen minutes a lady come with a car and started to cry and she called on us and we came outside and she told us your son just killed a man and when I ran out to the site the police man was there and he told me done you cannot see your son but long before I told the police man and my son to get an agreement to pick up my son and take him to the hospital because he is not correct from his mind.”



“Have you seen or spoken to your son since the incident last night?”

Carlos Casanova – Father of the Accuse.

“No sir because when the police brakes me up this side when the accident happened we went to the hospital and the police man told us to just to go home and rest far from your house in a secure place because them man will come looking for you.”

Doris Massam – Sister of deceased.

“Retaliation is not a part of it, right now we try to get my brother to rest in peace and get it over with and the police are doing their work all I want justice come out of it.”

The deceased, Mark Massam leaves two daughters behind.

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