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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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no_photo_iconTeaching and learning have evolved over the years and only keep evolving. Teachers have adopted new teaching strategies to meet the ever changing needs of students at all levels. Today, a group of teachers were working on improving their skills and their curriculums to ensure that they obtain the best results from students in primary schools. Dalila has the story.

Dalila Ical – Reporting

Over the last two years officers at the District Education Center in Orange Walk have been providing necessary support to teachers in curriculum development. Today, under the guidance of Education Officer Two, Lisa Carrillo who is responsible for math, science and technology, teachers from six schools worked on strengthening their math and science curriculum.

Lisa Carrillo – Education Officer 2

“They planned based on their curriculum and they discussed about is it that they do their teaching in terms of math and science in their different schools.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“You talked about this curriculum of who want to adopt it can adopt it, is this different curriculum from the primary one?”

Lisa Carrillo – Education Officer 2

“No it is not a different curriculum, our same old curriculum that we call we strengthened it and it is basically on the way that we teach the math because we have found out that more and more that students are not performing specially in math, it is an area of need and we thought about the way we teach math is different, the way we teach math has been traditional so what we are focusing on right now is to strengthened in the math curriculum is not, at the end of Standard Six they will end knowing the same math but the way we learn the math is different because we are using more outdoor activities, they are applying real math, they are going to the shop and buy so the earning is more meaningful than just numbers.”

Teachers from six schools took part in today’s workshop and planned for the second term in the school year. Also taking part were teachers from multi-grade schools.  But why only six schools? Carrillo says partly because these are the schools that requested the assistance.

Lisa Carrillo – Education Officer 2

“We only have six school implementing the new math because we cannot support all 38 school in our district so we had to meet with the principals and we told them you know if there is a need for math and for us to go in and look at the math curriculum in your schools then we will support you all but we cannot support all schools so we, right now the way we are organizing our centers we are supporting the schools that need math and then there is another educational officer supporting the schools that need help in literacy so we have clustered the schools in that manner in our districts so that we can provide that support.”

Other officers also provide support in different subject areas such as language arts and social studies, depending on which area of the curriculum the schools need support in.

Guinea Grass Pentecostal and Saint Peters Anglican School are the two schools who have recently joined the program this year.

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