randolf_crawfordTonight a teenager from the Corozal District is recuperating from a frightful ordeal after he was ambushed by three male persons; one of them was carrying a gun. On the night of Friday December 5th, at around 7:30, seventeen year old Amilcar Correa, Belizean laborer of Xaibe was walking along an unnamed street within the village when he was approached by three male persons riding separate bicycles.  The individuals were dressed in full black and wore nothing to hide their identity as their faces were uncovered.


According to Correa, one of the men walked up to him, pointed what appeared to be a chrome hand gun at him and told him quote "Buay give me your money". Fearing for his life Correa began shouting for help and that is when the individuals got on their bicycles and rode off into the direction of San Roque Area and Ranchito Villages.


Quick police investigation resulted in the apprehension of Randolph Crawford of #58 Snapper St/Skeleton Town area, Corozal Town and Leonard Jones of Skeleton Town area, Corozal Town. Both men were arrested and charged for the crime of attempt robbery.  Corozal Police are also looking for 19 year old Jermaine Sanker unemployed of Skeleton Town area, for the same crime.

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