Jermaine_SankerApart from attempt robbery we told you about earlier, Jermaine Sanker, who is no stranger to the law, is also being sought by Corozal Police for the crime of robbery after a cell phone was stolen from a resident of Calcutta Village, in the Corozal District.


The incident played out in the following manner. On Friday night at around 7:00pm, Jerson Chan, 20 year old Belizean construction worker was exiting Community Super Market Chinese Shop located in Calcutta when he saw three men, all dressed in dark clothing and with their face covered, entering the store.

Chan alleges that as the men entered the store he saw when one of them pulled out a Black Hand gun resembling a .38 pistol and fired a shot in the store. According to Chan upon hearing the sound of a gunshot he ran out of the store and started heading home. While on his way he saw the same three male individuals ride pass him. One of them stopped, walked up to him and asked him quote “bwai what yo have pan you, give me you phone." He recognized the person as Jermaine Sanker who according to Chan, lifted his shirt and pulled out a .38 pistol from behind his pants waist and pointed it in his face. Fearing for his life Chan handed over his cellular phone valued at $185.00 and handed it over Sanker who grabbed the phone.


All three men then made good their escape. Quick police response led to the recovery of the phone which was in the possession of 18 year old Randolph Crawford of Skeleton Town, Corozal.  Crawford was arrested and charged for the crime of handling stolen goods. As mentioned Corozal Police are looking for Sanker for the crime of robbery. It is of note that the men who entered Community Super Market Chinese Shop walked out with $1,000.00 in different denominations and a Samsung Galaxy Cellular Phone. 

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