Fisheries_doc.__1Tonight a senior fisheries officer is being accused of framing a cane farmer from Corozal Town. In a letter sent to the Senior Fisheries officer by the law firm of Sabido’s and Company, Pedro Guerra is asking the Fisheries officer for a re-imbursement of sixty four thousand dollars plus damages amounting to nine thousand six hundred dollars. According to the letter, the issue dates back to the month of July of this year where, the officer made several inducements to the farmer, on how he could earn an export license within three days. The letter reveals that the officer stated that through his connections at the department, he would be able to obtain a fish Exporter’ License to buy and export frozen sea cucumber.

In the letter it points four promises that the officer had made to Guerra of which one of the allegations is that the officer requested that Guerra paid him thirty five thousand dollars for a license and there would be no challenge in getting it. With all that done, Guerra got the license and the Belize Fisheries Department accepted his bid to purchase 3075 pounds of frozen sea cucumber at $9.50 per pound. Guerra also had to pay more than twenty nine thousand dollars to proceed with the purchase.

According to the fisheries department Guerra made payment into the government treasury and should’ve gotten the sea cucumber from the Cooperative where it was stored.  But things changed when Guerra was informed that the Department would not allow him to export the 3075 pounds of frozen cucumber. Guerra was made to understand that the senior fisheries officer had no power over sea cucumber licensing or the approval of bids for the sea cucumbers.


Guerra then sought the advice from an attorney who is now in the process of filing a suit against the fisheries officer.  Today when we spoke with Oscar Sabido, Guerra’s Attorney CTV3 News was made to understand that a file has been put together and that they will proceed with legal actions.  We will keep monitoring this story and report as it develops. 

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