Screen_Shot_2014-12-11_at_7.46.35_PMWe have been following the unfortunate case of eight year old Kiran Moguel who was severely injured in a traffic accident in Chetumal on Monday evening. The child was along with his mother Esther Moguel when the incident happened. It is with deep regret that we report tonight that eight year old Kiran did not make it. His mother was faced with the most difficult choice of turning off his life support since doctors had declared him brain dead. Today, Orange Walk East Area Representative Dr. Mendez spoke with us on the incident. Mendez worked closely with Esther Moguel who is employed in his east constituency office.

Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez

“My heart goes to Esther and to her daughter and to the family itself and really what they are going through is devastating, I took Esther and she has a broken arm and I took her to the KHMH and what the child has is very touching and I just hope the best for them and to recommend everybody that on these days be very careful and thee types of accidents will devastate anybody.”

Esther Moguel is also scheduled to receive surgery to her hand that was broken in two places in the accident.

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