This morning among a crowd of supporters at the Columbus Park, Richard Harrison was officially nominated as the People’s United Party’s Standard Bearer for the Cayo North Constituency. Harrison received the support from political candidates and elected officials from around the country and when asked about his aspirations for that area, Harrison explained his youthful economic revolution and delved into special interest policies including lack of jobs and lack of quality health care. Here is that excerpt thanks to our friends at 7news!

harrisionRichard Harrison – Standard Bearer, Cayo North

“I have noticed that there are three principal issues; first and foremost is that dollar for the families is not stretching far enough, too many people are finding it hard enough to make ends meet and that has a reason behind it, the second one is the high rate of unemployment, there are a few people in a house hold that are working and having to feed, clothe and shelter a number of people other than themselves so that is a burden caused by unemployment, and it leads to the first problem which is the stretching of the family budget and then the third one and very significant so is the infrastructure problem, the UDP has develop a small percentage of the division infrastructure and we are happy for it but the vast majority, 90% of the areas infrastructure is left dilapidated especially in the extremes, San Ignacio has grown three to four times over the last ten years so those new areas they are pretty much left abandoned and in really dilapidated state especially Bullet Tree as well which is our only village so those are the only three principals problems that I find.”


“How would you answer the criticism that you only have out a few hundred people here and of that more than 50% appear to be from outside the division, I would say as much as 75%?”

Richard Harrison – Standard Bearer, Cayo North

“Well, it is just like if you count the banners on the lamp post is the same thing. It is the same thing but the thing is that you need resources and today people have to go to work and the People’s United Party represents the working men and women of Belize and we respect that they have to go to work today and we are happy that this crowd took their time to be here with us and thank them for coming out.”

At today’s event, Party Leader Francis Fonseca was also in attendance rendering his support for the newly nominated standard bearer. When asked if the PUP is fazed by the money muscle being flexed by the incumbent UDP which is drawing supporters in the thousands, here is what Fonseca responded?

Francis Fonseca – Party Leader, PUP

“We are not going to be faced at all, we understand that is the approach of the UDP to elections, and that has been their approach for the last six or seven years, putting on a big show but we have confidence in the voters of Cayo North and that is what our candidate and his team have been doing over the apt ten days and that is what they will continue to do for the next 21 days up until January 5th, go on the ground, meeting the people of Cayo North, meeting the voters, talking to them sharing with them his plan his vision our party’s plan and vision for a better Cayo North and also listening form them hearing what are their concerns, what are the challenges that they are facing in their lives and begin to develop a relationship with the people and the voters of Cayo North, the UDP represented Cayo North from 2008 to 2012 sometimes people forget that but the people of Cayo North what they have told me when I had visited them and they remembered those days and there was absolutely nothing for the people of Cayo North during 2008 and 2012 so they are talking about taking back Cayo North.”

The bi-election is scheduled for January 5th and Harrison will go up against Omar Figueroa of the UDP who was also officially nominated today.

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