policeTwenty nine year old Mark Massam was brutally chopped to death on the night of Tuesday December 9th by 22 year old Carlos Cassanova. During the press briefing today Deputy Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Formation, Peter Serrano, updated the media on the case.

Insp. Peter Serrano – Corozal Dpt. OC

“At present the investigation is still ongoing, statements was recorded and reports were also received and the person who allegedly who did the chopping is still hospitalized and police security, whenever a person is released he will be escorted back to this formation of course we need to do certain checks as his medical condition and that is where we are right now.”

As previously reported, it is said that the Massam’s arrived at the Casanova’s residence breaking bottles and threating the family causing them to fear for their life. According to Inspector Serrano he has spoken to the family of the murdered victim in or der to appease the situation.

Insp. Peter Serrano – Corozal Dpt. OC

“From what could say the Massam’s brother was spoken to by the officer commanding and me and they do not indicate anything of retaliation.”

When police arrived at the scene of the crime they saw Casanova inflicting chop wounds on Massam. In attempt to subdue him officers fired several warning shots. Casanova though, kept flinging his machete inflicting more wounds on Massam. That is when police shot Cassanova on the leg.

A post mortem examination certified that Massam died as a result of Traumatic Shock due to multiple chop wounds to head, neck and upper limbs.

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