Screen_Shot_2014-12-16_at_5.20.26_PMThe Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association is no longer suspended by Fairtrade. Viewers may recall that they BSCFA fell under noncompliance following a Fairtrade audit conducted earlier this year. The association fell under eight none compliances, three of which fell under child labor. Since then, farmers and the association have been working on corrective measures and on Sunday the announcement was made that the suspension has been lifted.

Ezekiel Cansino

“We received the letter that officially says that we have been lifted the suspension and we are now being certified up to 2016/2017.”


“And so the funds that were held back for the six months, are you guys going to get that money?”

Ezekiel Cansino

“Yes, as soon as the mill starts to sale the sugar we will start to receive those monies.”

Representatives of the BSCFA and other stakeholders in the industry took part in trainings that focused on child labor.

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