Screen_Shot_2014-12-17_at_8.13.29_PMWith Christmas now just days away, a string of robberies and theft cases remain are on the rise. The joyous season can easily turn frightening if residents become victims to opportunistic thieves and resilient robbers who are known to prowl around this time. And in an effort to curb these instances, the Orange Walk Police formation highlighted their own plans for the season.

SUPT. Selvin Tillett – Deputy Commander, OW Police

“Our anti-crime prevention extra Christmas patrol commenced from the 15th of November and we have extra foot patrol, bicycle, mobile, and motorcycle patrols so that is in effect and it will continue until or after the 15th of January, the Orange Walk police is working hard, diligent and trying to work with the community so that you people can enjoy Christmas and new year’s not only that but every day because me as a police I consider it as home so I do my best to make it safe.”

And while we should expect to see a seventy five percent increase in mobile and foot patrols, the Police are asking the public to do your part to protect yourself from being targeted.

SUPT. Selvin Tillett – Deputy Commander, OW Police

“We all know that during the season we have these lazy criminals who act on opportunities and that is basically facilitated by their own people hem by being careless or reckless as to their properties.  Well we have said ever since that ones you see any suspicious person or any activity to please call the police, also we advise people even if they are sleeping or when you go out secure your doors and windows, don’t leave valuables in the yard that people can see especially your vehicles, if you go out for a long time inform your neighbors and the police department too, we have to do extra patrols in the neighborhood inform someone.”

But what about the sometimes slow response of authorities when called for help?

SUPT. Selvin Tillett – Deputy Commander, OW Police

“We don’t deal with a report a day but plenty reports so we do our best with what we have and no our responds is much quicker but sometimes you would call and there are three or four persons to call before you so as we get the chance we try to deal with you as quick as possible, the police are asking the public for your assistance and support we know you see, you hear things, before the police do help us have a much peaceful town because ones you enjoy yourself the police will do its utmost to protect live and property.”

It is a general scenario that when approaching this time of the year, certain level of thefts spiral upwards. Those crimes mainly include armed robberies and burglaries. Last year during this time, the police were inundated with reports of, especially domestic and business burglaries, and according to Tillett, every effort is being made to minimize those actions.

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