Screen_Shot_2014-12-17_at_8.12.51_PMBelize plans to issue a warning to Belizeans who visit Chetumal City, Mexico and the tourism sector in that part of the country is worried about the repercussions. This is what the Mexican press is reporting. According to an article in the newspaper titled “Novedades Quintana Roo”, published today December 17th, reports from Belizeans claiming to have been robbed in the city, especially by taxi operators, has prompted Belizean authorities to consider issuing a warning to the Belizean population about the dangers of visiting that part of Mexico. Honorary Consul of Belize to Mexico Jorge Valencia is quoted saying that many complaints have been made on the social media, especially Facebook. Belizeans claim to be victims of robberies especially from taxi drivers. Valencia says he has received ten such reports. In one of these reports the complainant said they lost up to three thousand dollars’ worth of items. Despite the number of reports, Valencia says that only one person has actually made an official police report and that person is waiting to get his items returned to him. The idea of Belizean authorities issuing a warning to Belizeans on these dangers is worrying to the tourism sector. According to the article published, the municipal tourism director, Alberto Perez Barrios they have been taking action since they first heard of the issue and they hope that the warning is not issued. The president of the Hotel Association in the central and southern part of the state, Georgina Fuentes said the warning can result in the decline of Belizean visitors to the state. Reports indicate that about thirty to thirty-six thousand Belizeans visit Chetumal only by sea every month. These visitors spend an average of one hundred to one hundred and twenty dollars in the city, according to the state’s tourism board.

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