robberyThieves in Corozal Town are on the prowl again as another residence was ransacked for its costly electronics. According to 24 year old Ruben Pasos, Belizean supervisor of Santa Maria street Halls layout area of Corozal Town, his house was burglarized on Friday night.


Stolen from within was a black 32inch Sony TV value $1300bcy, (1) playstation3 game valuing $1200, (6) playstation3 CDs valuing $50bcy each, (1) wireless play station remote controller valuing $120bcy, (1) play station remote with wire valuing $100bcy (1) gold chain with cross medal valuing $1000bcy and about $50bcy in small change all totalling $4070bcy were missing. Police report that no forced entry was observed and their investigations continue.

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