Pics_of_todays_Toy_give_away_UBNI_4Christmas is a time of giving, a time of exchanging gifts and spending time with family and friends. The special time of the year is celebrated in various ways but traditional with gifts, lots of food and in the company of loved ones.

But not everyone has the privilege of celebrating Christmas in grand style and when it comes to gifts not every child will receive one. With that in mind a group of Belizeans living in the US that under the name of “United Belizeans of Northern Illinois”, have come together for the third consecutive year to share the joy of the season. This year the Corozal District was targeted.

Elisa Riverol – Secretary BNI

“Every year we go into the district of Belize UBNI does a drive at Coney drive every year for Belize, this year we only took the district that have been in the past to make it fair so this year we tour Corozal and we do it as a surprise because the villages that are going to be targeted today don’t know what to expect today, the procedure is once we do the raffle, we pick out the district and we target the villages mostly underserve kids who usually don’t go to the back of the area so that is what we do.”

Villages that will benefit from this program are Libertad, Estrellita and San Narciso. According to Elisa Riverol, Secretary of BNI, the project has but one aim.

Elisa Riverol – Secretary BNI

“The main thing is that we want to know and to make sure that the people in Illinois and the surrounding states do know that these toys are given to kids that really need them for Christmas and that is the most important thing or message that we want to bring across and to raise funds for this toy drive we did a raffle and we did a Bar. B Que and people would just come out and drop off toys in the community; we are based in Milwaukee, Illinois.”

At the end there is no specific criteria a child needs to meet in order to get a gift.

Elisa Riverol – Secretary BNI

“What will happen right now is that we are going to get into the truck and gone to start driving and whatever kid or whosever kids is on the street is given a toy and really heading to the back areas, the target point will be Libertad and Estrellita and they are going to go along until every single toy is given to a kid.”

Toys were collected through fund raising and Bar-B-Q sales.

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