Screen_Shot_2014-12-22_at_6.47.08_PMWith Christmas just a few days away, Belizeans are out in full force doing their last minute preparations before Christmas Eve boosting up the sales at the different groceries stores, boutiques and even pawn shops. One such business is newcomer, Quick Stop Finance Center who gave back to the underprivileged kids in our community. This year, their Christmas initiative benefitted over fifty primary school students. Gloria Lambey is the Assistant Operations Manager at QuickStop and elaborated on the event.

Gloria Lambey – Asst. Operations Manager

“We are issuing some gift to needy children from two schools, we have St. Peters and Trial Farm school and we use this method because a lot of times when organizations just issue gifts a lot of times it is not catered to specifically the kids that are in need so we use the help of the Principals and teachers for them to select some of the needier kids from their schools.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“How is it that the schools were selected?”

Gloria Lambey – Asst. Operations Manager

“We ask around in the community to see which would be the best fit two schools for this program here and then from there we use the help of the teachers there to select the kids that are in need, management thought of the idea and they always does is to include the staff also and get their feedback of what they think about it and the staff definitely supported the initiative so hence why we are here and we are doing this.”

Quick Stop Personal Finance Center is a company dedicated to serving the personal finance needs of the Belizean public with particular attention to those desiring short term cash advances.  

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