Screen_Shot_2014-12-23_at_8.02.30_PMApproximately 2000 children and youngsters from Orange Walk Town and surrounding villages were treated with goodies from the Orange Walk Town Council Today. The Fort Cairns was jam packed and buzzing with activity to keep the attendees entertained. Lots of giveaways and treats were given and according to Mayor Kevin Bernard, while their funds were limited they incorporate Christmas cheer as a yearly tradition.

Kevin Bernard – Mayor of Orange Walk Town Council

“The Council cannot let the Christmas time pass without us giving back to the little kids, we put together our yearly Christmas program, we are giving out our goodies bag and in those goodies bag some kids will benefit with some toys it is all about us participating in this Christmas season and making sure that I want to say first of all hat off and thanks to those businesses, those councilors who put together and contributed so that we could have made this day possible the worker who also labored to ensure that we could have had the areas set up for this but I want to take the opportunity to wish everybody a happy new year and a merry Christmas and we always know that we cannot satisfy every single child and so we only could have catered for 2000 kids and for those who didn’t get I must apologize but at the end of the day we had limited funds and we could only provide for those who can’t afford.”

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