Peacework International is back in Belize, particular Orange Walk to provide a number of services to different communities. Peacework International is a nongovernmental organization based in the USA and works in many countries. They have been in Belize for close to twenty years and have conducted different project throughout the country. Jess Fallah is the field coordinator.

Screen_Shot_2014-12-30_at_8.12.18_PMJess Fallah – field coordinator

“What we do is connect communities with communities essentially so we have students that come from Universities all around the United States and they bring with them different skills and depending on what they specialize in the US we match them with communities that have similar needs to what they are able to do, also in addition to that they are coming to Belize, for some of them it is the first time that they left the US, it is a huge learning experience and is a great way for them to get outside of their comfort zone and learn about different culture and also it is very important for us to work hand in hand with community members so it is very much of a collaboration everyone coming together working on a project.”

They are in Orange Walk again and are for the fourth year working with Gateway Technical College, says Fallah.


Jess Fallah – field coordinator

“It is a multi-disciplinary group sot they have six different mini groups within a bigger group we have a total of 26 students and 7 faculty who are going to be joining us so those schools include early childhood education, horticulture, IT, health, human services and physical therapy so each one of those smaller groups have a specific project that they are working in within the community of Orange Walk and we been having conversation with people from the community and different people who we have worked in the past to help us identify what the best project are for this group of students and then we decide how to basically put them where mostly need it.”

Fallah is herself in charge of IT workshops one of which will be held on January 3rd at Louisiana Government School.


Jess Fallah – field coordinator

“That will be an all day workshop from 9 to 3pm and they will be able to get four CPD credits for that workshop and it is open for everyone from primary school and teachers and student and that will cover topics such as Excel, Power Point Presentations, anti-virus programs how to protect their computers, computer repair, and on Google documents among other things so that is the very first thing we are doing with the IT track. And then another announcement for the community is that next Friday we are going to be having a IT open clinic to the entire community of Orange Walk to have any technical questions about their computers or any electronic device that is not working for them, we are going to have it at the Town Council and they will be able to go and ask them questions.”

They will also be working at Guinea Grass Pentecostal and Carmelita schools for two day workshops. The group will also be holding early childhood workshops in Carmelita and will focus on health nutrition and hygiene. The group will be in Orange Walk until January eleventh.

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