policeAnd while we are only one day away from saying goodbye to 2014 and welcoming 2015, the Belize police Department today issued a friendly reminder on some fines associated with some common offenses committed by the public. For instance, did you know that you can be arrested for having in your possession an article with blade? This could be anywhere from a screw driver to an ice pick and according to the police, if convicted you can be fined $100.00 or in default spend (1) month in prison.

An offense of aggravated assault can land the defendant incarcerated for 18 months while having in your possession the slightest amount of Cannabis can cost you $75 or in default of non-payment spend 3 weeks in prison. Cannabis offences count from 0.6 grams and anything over 73 grams is called Drug Trafficking and comes with a hefty 1000 dollar fine or 3 years imprisonment. In the police’s report, common offenses include those committed on bicycle such as riding without a light, riding on a one way street, and the ever popular riding without a bell. The police also advised the public that public drinking is strictly prohibited and if found guilty it comes with a 50 dollar fine or 2 weeks imprisonment.

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