The fire has sparked speculation and many are of the opinion that the blaze was purposefully started given the tense situation surrounding the negotiations in the sugar industry. While that is a rather disturbing thought, so far it is only that – speculations. We asked Javier Keme for his take on the matter and this is what he responded.


Screen_Shot_2015-01-02_at_8.18.17_PMJavier Keme- Cane Farmer

“What I can say is that the CEO is out of this final movement and he has been on vacation and he has been on vacation three days after the last AGM which was on the 14th and he will be out for a month but if it is link to what is happening right now I cannot answer.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“But so far you feel that is doesn’t make sense if that would be the case?”

Javier Keme- Cane Farmer

“Yes, of course it doesn’t make sense, I think there is a process going on and we would all benefit from this process if given.”

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