agmWhen interviewed by the media on December 30th, Chairman of the BSCFA, Committee of Management, Ezequiel Cansino, was questioned if he would allow Audrey Matura-Shepherd to address cane farmers. Cansino’s response was that it was his believe it will not be accepted. Matura-Shepherd though, thinks otherwise and says she will be at the assembly.

Audrey Matura-Shepherd

“If the farmers, the general assembly say they don’t want me to speak, I’ll say nothing I’ll respect that, my only role is to give information, I don’t have to be there, I am invited by cane farmers and I am going but if they say don’t speak I won’t speak, however, I won’t wait until Sunday to speak with farmers I’ve been speaking with farmers already and I am been inviting them to any meeting they know we are having the person to get in touch is Mr. Queme and Mr. Lucilo Teck, because there are branches where the branch chairmen have called meetings of the branches and they have invited me to go speak and I really like that because it is one on one and I am given them copies of the law so that they could see for themselves, and I am giving them copies of the resolutions so that they know for themselves and I just think that and informed set  of cane farmers should then make an informed decision and at the end of the day with everything we’ve done and all the information they have and they say well they still want to give up their rights they are giving it up now knowing.”

Without a doubt it will be an interesting showdown and we will be there to capture every second of the meeting and bring you the details in Monday’s newscast.

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