noimageReports reaching our news room tonight are that a Belizean is currently under Mexican Police custody after allegedly robbing a Mexican woman in Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo, Mexico.

According to El Diario Respuesta, a Mexican Newspaper, 34 year old Roberto Heredia Brady who claims to be Belizean, was arrested over the weekend after he was accused of robbing a Mexican lady at knife point.

The newspaper reports that on Friday around midnight the woman was heading home when a man, armed with a knife, attacked her, telling her that if she screams he would hurt her.

Fearing for her life the victim handed over an undisclosed amount of pesos, a cellular phone and the shoes she was wearing. The assailant then fled the area.

Mexican authorities who were patrolling the area caught up with the victim and she immediately described her assailant to them. This triggered an official manhunt in the Colonia of Zazil-Há and Roberto Heredia Brady, the woman’s assailant, was captured just a few blocks away from where he committed the crime. Brady was escorted to the Playa del Carmen Police Station where he was charged for robbery and use of an illegal weapon.

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