Screen_Shot_2015-01-06_at_8.15.42_PMIn January of last year we told you about the missing funds from the revenue department at the Corozal Town Council that was put on hold after it was discovered that thousands of dollars had been allegedly misappropriated. As a consequence of that allegation three employees were sent home and an internal audit was to be launched to verify the exact amount of monies missing and who was to blame.

Later that year in September, Mayor Hilberto Campos granted an interview to our colleagues at Channel 7 where he stated that a total of $13,495.00 was unaccounted for and not 80 thousand as previously reported.

According to Mayor Campos he had his former Revenue manager sign an affidavit confessing that he was practically involved in the outcome of the investigation and that he also has committed to pay back the council despite him leaving the country. Campos added that he was to meet with his council to discuss the way forward to the next step which would be to either hand it over to the police for him to be prosecuted or to have him pay back the Corozal Town Council.  Today upon making checks with the Corozal Courts there were no such files. 


Our attempts in getting information at the Corozal Town Council with Town Administrator to see whether Mr. Garcia who the mayor of Corozal referred to, has made any payments, but we were made to understand that she was too busy to take our calls and would get back to us. But up to news time, our calls are yet to be returned.

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