Figueroa-and-HarrisonYesterday we showed you the political energy and mood of the bi-election in Cayo North where throngs of residents trickled in the polling stations to exercise their right. Well tonight, the numbers tell a tale: of the 6,598 registered voters, a total of 4063 voters came out - that's 62% of the electorate. For many, it is considered a respectable turnout for a by election, but significantly less than the 2012 general election where 74% came out.

The 13 ballot boxes were taken and counted at the Center for Employment Training and around 10:15pm, the winner was announced. Final statistics show that the PUP’s Richard Harrison received 1,340 votes while UDP’s Omar Figueroa received 2,669 votes. Figueroa now stands as Area Representative for Cayo North and will fill in the vacated seat until the end of the General Election term.

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