With the Municipal Elections just a few weeks away, candidates from both sides of the two major political parties are hitting the campaign trail in municipalities across the country. In Orange Walk Town, much is being done to touch bases with the electorate who will go to the polls on March 5th. So, how are the teams doing and what’s the reception like from the public? According to Deputy Mayor, Ian Cal they are taking a much different approach with their campaigns making it a more informative and interactive one with the residents.

Screen_Shot_2015-01-09_at_8.07.55_PMIan Cal – Deputy Mayor

“We are on the campaign trail, we were campaigning on the ground since November but as a Council the campaign never ended or started from 2012 when we got that mandate we were visiting people and we were holding neighbourhood meetings, after election time we continued with the campaign but on a different aspect being an informative campaign where we went on different neighbourhoods and we held about  48 neighbourhood meeting during these three years around the town mainly to inform the people of what your council is doing that the plans that we have and also to get ideas directly from the people because only they know what affects them in their neighbourhood so hat is the aspect of going on these neighbourhood meetings to get an idea of what is happening there and what we can do directly in that neighbourhood, apart from that now officially the political campaign has started we are on the ground visiting house to house and we have covered large section of the town and we still have more to cover before March, it has been very positive and very good, again it is more of an informative campaign it is not going to slander anyone of the opposition no it is about informing the people of what we have done and giving them the idea of how things work because a lot of people really don’t know how things work when it comes to a municipality and asking for that support on March as well again I  would like to ask the public to look and see what this council has done during the course of these three years, if you look at our manifest for 2012 you can see that 90% of the manifesto was completed, the only thing that I can see that was not completed was a new cemetery and we did not get it because we needed land and it is gotten through the ministry of natural resources and politics is though so we didn’t get that so that would be the only things that we didn’t accomplished on our manifesto so this manifesto is continuation that we are doing and some new ideas and new plans are there as well how to address the main issue that people are asking for which is streets and drains.”

According to Cal, over 90% of what the team included in their last election manifesto has been achieved.

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