Screen_Shot_2015-01-09_at_8.08.27_PMIn October of last year we told you about the commencement of rehabilitation works at the Orange Walk Central Park which saw the collaboration of the Social Investment Fund and the Town Council. And while the park is still in its construction phases, today we got an update of the park progress from Deputy Mayor and Councillor in charge of parks and playgrounds, Ian Cal.

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor

“From the look they are on track, the grass has been planted and the ground has been to street level because the park was below street level before so only the final touches are coming in now hopefully by the end of this month we can see it completed as per schedule and hopefully nothing else delay it and hopefully by the end of February the Orange Walkenos should see their park completed and rehabilitated.”

Weather permitting; contractors are aiming for end of February for its completion. The project, which is carrying a price tag of $1.8 million will dramatically improve the ambiance of the area and make the public space more user-friendly. And while we are threading on the works being carried out at that main park space, the council has been working arduously on other public spaces.

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor

“As councillor in charge of parks and playgrounds together with Jose Urbina we have touched different areas when it comes to parks this was our main project together with SIF but the more local projects for example the Nature Park has been touched with the new playground and the new basketball court in partnership with the honourable Marco Tulio Mendes and recently we did the Phillip Alvarez Park where we took back the electricity because before there was no electricity there, the lights were down it was under the care of the sport council but we as a council we decided we should look over it and before elected we did some works there but they were destroyed and so what we did again we brought it back again to the park and we put the electricity back and we are paying that bill and what we did in partnership with the honourable John Briceno is that we have cemented the bleachers and we put some new swings there thanks to Belize Bank and Smart and when it comes to the housing site area we also put some lights there as well to the basketball court as a promise that we kept to the young people there and in the Pasadita Area we put some play sets and swings as well and we also have plan of a new park around the Pasadita Area that we plan to name after the late Ramon Cervantes and that is going to be a green park and we are in plans for it and the plans that we have at the riverside areas as well and we are in discussion with individuals who want to finance the park as well and the Battle Field park as well around Banquitas and we are in discussion with individuals who want to fully finance that park as well and that will be the first of that park in the country.”

Next on the agenda is implementing free Wi-Fi access at all the public parks.

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